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DDS Terms and Conditions

Updated on 28th April 2021

Welcome to the We have set out a list of conditions on this page that You are subjected to. Before using any Service on Our DDS platform, please read these Terms and
Conditions in advance.


The meanings of the words with the initial letter capitalized are explained under the conditions listed below. Despite whether these words are used in singular or plural, these definitions shall have the same meaning.


In regards to Our DDS Terms and Conditions:

  1. Website: This term refers to and it is accessible from
  2. Service: This term refers to the Website, that is, the
  3. You: This term refers to the individual or any legal entity using the Service offered by
    Our DDS platform.
  4. Company: This term along with “We”, “Our”, “Us” refer to the
  5. Country: This term refers to the United States of America.
  6. Affiliate: This term refers to an entity that is in control, is controlled by or is under
    common control with a party. In this case, ‘control’ indicates 50% or more shares, equity interest or any other securities that are authorized to vote for electing directors or other managing authorities.
  7. Device: This term refers to any device that is used to access the DDS Website. It
    can include a computer, a laptop, a tablet, or a cellphone.
  8. Third-party Social Media Service: This term refers to any content or Services
    inclusive of any product, data or information that may be supplied by a third party. It
    may be included, showcases or provided by Our Service.
  9. Terms and Conditions: This phrase refers to the abiding agreement between You
    and the Company in regards to using the Service


These Terms and Conditions govern the utilization of Our Service and abide by You and Our Company in an agreement. These are set out to clarify and state the obligations and rights of all users of Our Service.
You are required to accept and comply with the stated Terms and Conditions as You access
or use Our Service. These terms are applicable to all users, visitors and anyone accessing or using Our Service.If You are accessing or using Our Service in any capacity, You are bound by these stated Terms and Conditions. In case of any disagreement with any part of these terms, You instantly become ineligible to access or use any part of Our Service. This Service is only available for individuals of ages over 18. The Service is not permitted to be used by anyone under the age of 18. You agree that You are 18 or above and are eligible to use or access this Service. While accessing and using this Service, You also accept to comply with the Privacy Policy stated by the Company. The Privacy Policy of DDS describes the procedure and policy concerning Your data collection, use and disclosure of Your personal information when You are using the DDS Website. Please read Our Privacy Policy thoroughly to understand Your
privacy rights and how You are protected by the law before using Our Service.

Links to third-party Websites

There may be third-party Website links or Services on Our Service that are not own by the In such a case, the Company takes no responsibility for the content, practices or privacy policies of those third-party Websites or Services. You agree that the Company shall not be liable or responsible indirectly or directly for any loss or damage or alleged caused by
or in relation with the utilization of or dependency on any such Services, goods or content available on or via any such Websites or Services.
If You visit any third party Website found on the, it is advisable for You to read their terms, conditions, and privacy policies.


The Company holds rights to terminate or suspend Your access instantly without any prior notice or liability. If You are found in breach of any of these Terms and Conditions, Your access will be immediately removed upon termination. You will no longer be able to use this

Limitation of Liability

In spite of any damages that You might experience, the full liability of the Company and any of its suppliers under any provisions of these Terms and Conditions, as well as Your total amendment shall be restricted to the actual amount paid by You via the Service or $100 (USD) in case You haven’t made any purchase via the Service. To the highest extent allowed by the applicable law, in no circumstance shall the Company or any of its suppliers be accountable for any indirect, incidental, or significant damage whatsoever. This is inclusive of, yet not restricted to, damages in regards to profit loss, data loss or any other information, for individual injury, for interruption of occupation, privacy loss
due to the inability of using the Service, third-party hardware and/or third-party software used with the Service, or else in association with any provision of these Terms and Conditions. This shall be applicable even if the Company or any of its suppliers have been guided of the likelihood of alike damages and even if the amendment fails of its fundamental purpose.A few states do not permit the barring of implicit warranties or limitation of liability for minor or significant damages. This means that a few of the limitations stated above may not be applicable. In the states falling under this category, each party’s liability will be restricted to the maximum extent permitted by law.

“AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” Disclaimer

Our DDS Service is offered to You “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” and with all flaws and imperfections without any warranty. To the greatest extent allowed under applicable law, the Company, on behalf of its own and its Affiliates, and their specific Service providers and
licensors, plainly denies all warranties, whether stated, statutory, hinted or otherwise, in regards to the Service, inclusive of all suggested warranties or saleability, suitability for a specific purpose, title and non-infringement, and warranties that may appear out of cOurse
performance, cOurse of dealing, trade practice or usage. Without restricting to the preceding, the Company offers zero warranty or undertaking and makes no attempt to claim any kind that the Service will match Your demands or requirements, attain any calculated results, be suited or function with any other software, systems, Services or applications, function without any interruption, match any reliability standards or performance or be faultless or that any of the detected errors or defects can or will be fixed.
Without restricting to the preceding, neither the Company nor any of its suppliers make any
portrayal or warranty of any kind, stated or implicit: (a) as to the function or accessibility of the Service, or the content, information, and products or materials included thereafter; (b) that the Service will be continual or faultless; (c) as to the rightness, authenticity, or currency of any content or data provided via the Service; or (d) that the Service, its suppliers, the content, or email communication done on behalf of the Company are not exposed to viruses, trojan horses, malware, scripts, worms, timebombs, or any other harmful elements.
A few jurisdictions do not permit the exemption of particular kinds of warranties or restrictions on applicable statutory rights of a customer. Hence, a few or all of the
exemptions mentioned above and restrictions may not be applicable to You. However, if
such a case arises, the exemptions and restrictions described in this section shall be applicable to the maximum extent enforceable under applied law.

Governing Law

The laws applicable to the Country, exempting its disputes of law rules, shall control these Terms and Conditions, as well as Your use of Our Service. Your use of the Website or application may also be subject to other laws applicable to Your location (local, state, national or international).

Disputes Resolution

You are obliged to first try to resolve any arisen dispute, regarding the Service, internally by communicating with the Company.

For European Union (EU) Users

The EU customers are subject to be benefitted from any compulsory provisions of the laws of that country that they are a resident of.

The United States Legal Compliance

You showcase and warrant that (a) You are not situated in a country that is restraint from the United States government, or that has been assigned as a “terrorist supporting” country by the United States government, and (b) You are not recorded on any list of restricted or prohibited parties by the United States government.


In case, any provision of these Terms and Conditions is held to be ineffective or null, that
provision will be modified and interpreted to attain the goals of such provision to the highest extent possible under applicable law and the outstanding provisions will resume in entire force and effect.


Barring what is presented herein, the failure to utilize a right or to need the performance of a
commitment under these Terms and Conditions shall not affect a party’s eligibility to utilize such a right or need such performance at any moment thereafter or shall be the waiver of a violation account for waiver of any succeeding violation.

Translation Interpretation

In case of translation of these Terms and Conditions in other languages, You accept that the
original text in English shall prevail if any dispute arises.

Change to These Terms and Conditions

At Our sole discretion, we hold the right to alter or replace these Terms and Conditions at
any time. In case of a substantial change in the revision, we will make rational efforts to offer a notice at least 30 days prior to any new terms coming into effect. At Our sole discretion, we shall decide what will comprise a substantial change.
You accept to abide by the revised Terms as they become effective. In case of any
disagreement, You shall stop accessing or using the Service and the Website.

Plans holds the right to alter any benefits for the free, dynamic, advanced, or pro plans at any point in time for any reason at Our sole discretion without any prior notice or warning.
The dynamic, advanced and pro packages have respective discounts of 5%, 10% and 20%
and are not applicable to the resellers. It is not possible to buy weapons or gift cards on the DDS platform. A business plan for the resellers will be released in the future that can benefit them to the highest extent.The Company holds rights to restrict or suspend the accounts of the users who are detected exploiting the 5 to 20% discounts on the platform. An example of such an activity can be buying gold at marketing value and additionally applying a discount and attempting to resell. In case of any query or clarification about the bulk purchases, please feel free to contact [email protected]

Contact Us

In case of any questions about the above Terms and Conditions, contact us via email at [email protected]